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Set against the backdrop of the unified community of Old Fietas and the feelings of belonging it instilled in its residents, the tale follows the lives of a Muslim mother and daughter, Mariam and Huda, who strive, learn and progress through overcoming their own difficulties in life, to attain the peace, happiness and contentment of days long past. Through their trials and triumphs, they will learn about life, love and what it truly means to belong.


This book tells a story, from the perspective of two Muslim women, a university lecturer mother Mariam and her atypical, intelligent matric daughter, Huda. The story links the past South African climate to the present one through the narration of these two characters and their experiences.


Pages: 408


Short biography of the author

Zarina Hassem is a South African Muslim woman, who holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Wits University. Her work experiences in the psychology field are diverse as they include psychological testing, counselling, play therapy, research, lecturing and workshop facilitation. She regards herself as a student and is continuously in the process of learning. She is a blogger who blogs about Muslim women’s issues on her blog Muslim Women Exposed. She is also a member of a women’s group called “Islamic Awareness Group”. This Group conducts various workshops for women to uplift and educate them. She has recently joined the psychology department at Islamic Online University. Her book titles include; ‘ 7 Things to Talk About’, ‘ Butterfly Wings’, ‘ The Way Home’. Her Masters Thesis has also been published under the following title; “Women’s Groups As A Tool Of Empowerment For Muslim Women”.


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