The Book Of Hope For Sinners (EBook)

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Every human falls into sin at some point in their life or another.


It is during these moments of weakness that that a person may feel hopeless and despondent.


But God is Most Forgiving and Most Merciful. Islam teaches that God forgives any sin that a person repents from.


This book is a collection of Quranic verses and narrations from Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) which aim to inspire hope and transformation in the hearts of the believers.


Every human falls into sin, but there is always a way back. This book will show you how.


Who is this book for:

  • For every believer who wants to get closer to God
  • For every believer who struggles with sinful habits
  • For every believer who wants to experience a higher level of hope, love and gratitude to God

What will I get from this book:

  • Increased love of God
  • The ability to continue growing spirituality, despite sinful habits
  • A hopeful positive understanding of Islam
  • A deep appreciation for God’s Mercy and Love


About the Author:

Shaykh Ismail Kamdar is a graduate of a traditional Alim program and also holds a Bachelors in Islamic Studies. He has studied Islam in both tradition and modern settings and has been a student of Islamic Studies for almost two decades.


He began studying Islam full-time at the age of thirteen, began preaching at the age of sixteen, and wrote his first book at the age of twenty-three. Over the years, he has taught multiple courses and seminars around the world, and has worked with multiple leading Islamic organizations across the globe.


He currently works from home freelancing for various organizations and companies, while homeschooling his children and writing books. He hopes to inspire the ummah to return to their former glory and become a role model for the world once again.


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  1. Asheq

    Amazing book Alhumdulillah!

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