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Risky Paths to Success


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Hopes of a brighter future, better opportunities and financial freedom are just a few of the empty promises that human traffickers make to lure trusting Gambian youths into abandoning their families and their homelands. The reality is that a treacherous journey awaits youths that are duped into risking their lives for nothing more than broken promises and blatant fabrications. The book “Risky Path to Success” is an eye-opening read that is a no-holds barred depiction of what really happens to youths who are preyed upon by human traffickers and become trapped in a merciless cycle of exploitation. Most importantly, it provides sensible life lessons to inspire youths to become successful on their own merits, in their own country and without falling victim to traffickers who only care about their bottom line – money.


Author: Ramatoulie O. Othman


Pages: 48


ISBN: 978-9983-953-49-7


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